Indian Law Resources

Firm Cases:

A list of Published Cases Handled by Members of the Firm, and Links to those Cases published in HTML form on this site and elsewhere.

Indian Law Papers

A directory of papers written by members of our firm on topics related to Native American Law.

Orders and Policies Regarding Consultation with Indian Tribes

Collected Executive Orders and agency policies on consultation with Indian tribes. 

Post Cohen Cases:

A database listing cases collected since the 1982 Edition of Felix S. Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law. This list primarily comprises federal cases, although it includes some state cases and cases tangentially related to American Indian law. This list is useful when one can remember the party plaintiff but not the precise cite.

Delphi Forum

A discussion group for Indian Law professionals. Click here to request an invitation.

Order Books

A Form you can use to order Indian Law Seminar Materials.

Schlosser Law Files

Important documents and memos in *pdf or other formats.

Indian Law Links

A list of links around the internet related to Native American Law.