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Endangered Species Act Litigation: Re-initiation of Section 7 Consultation

Applicability of Federal Employment and Labor Laws to Indian Tribes: Federal Power Commission v. Tuscarora Indian Nation

Management of Bald and Golden Eagles Under Federal Law

Tribal Trust Fund Litigation and Settlement: History of Trust Management Statutes and Overview of Significant Case Law

Indian Law in the Scalia Era: Tribes Will Face a Skeptical Court in the 2010-2011 Term

Boldt from the Blue: Struggles Over Salmon

Hoopa Valley Tribe v. FERC: The Effort to Obtain Interim Protective Conditions in FERC Annual Licenses

Tribes and Dams: Using Section 4(e) of the Federal Power Act to Protect Indian Tribes and Restore Reservation Resources

Clear Passage: The Culvert Case Decision as a Foundation for Habitat Protection and Preservation

Tribal Taxing Authority: Litigation Concerning Tribal Taxes

The Cushman Dam Case and Indian Treaty Rights

Klamath River Basin and Hydroelectric Project P-2082

What Satisfies The "Political Integrity" Test?

Restoring Mother Earth: Indian Tribes and Alaskan Native Natural Resource Damage Trustees

The Best Interests of the Indian Child: Federal Gloss on a State Law Concept

Jurisdiction Case Law Basics: How Jurisdiction Relates to Tribal Utility Regulation

Tribal Rights and Their Effect on Our Concept of Property Rights in the Northwest

Environmental Enforcement on Tribal Lands: Congressional Authority and Major Case Law

Tribal Civil Jurisdiction Over Nonmembers

Judicial Update 1999-2000 Federal Case Law on American Indians

Why Doing Business on Reservations is Unique

Federal Delegation of Tribal Jurisdiction Over Nonmembers

Recent Developments in Defining the Federal Trust Responsibility

Sovereign Immunity: Should the Sovereign Control the Purse?

Taxation of Businesses in Indian Country

Locating the National Indian Forest Resources Management Act in the Tortured History of Indian Timber Management

Washington's Resistance to Treaty Indian Commercial Fishing: The Need for Judicial Apportionment