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Trinity / Klamath River Restoration in Northern California

Since time immemorial, the Trinity River of Northwest California has been the life blood of Hoopa Indian culture and subsistence. The Trinity is the largest tributary of the mighty Klamath River and it joins the Klamath about 45 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Preserving the fish and other aquatic life of those rivers is a constant struggle for the Hoopa Valley Indian Tribe. This page provides a summary and links to documents describing the tribe’s struggle to protect these resources.

Hoopa Case Index

This page contains an index of cases regarding general Hoopa matters, Klamath Basin Fishing, Short and Karuk, and Trinity River Restoration. 

Pribilof Aleut and Tanadgusix Material

An impoverished Alaskan island in the Bering Sea has suffered severe economic setback through federal neglect and unfair action. In early 2017, the Interior Department rejected the pleas of the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island for an opportunity to take fish. The tribe has no choice but to subsist on marine resources surrounding the island but finds itself locked out of the fishery by federal management.  The tribe believes that the special federal reservation established around the Pribilof Islands included a set-aside of fishing rights which still exists today. 

Hoopa - Yurok Settlement Act Background

This page provides documents that offer information about the settlement status and background of this issue, and it also outlines key cases and legislation that provide deeper detail.

American Indian Law Material -- Delphi Forum

This is a link to Delphi Forum, which is a conversation platform for American Indian Law Material.

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